The Consultation Process

Prior to the consultation, I will send you a questionnaire to fill in covering your current diet and lifestyle, goals and any health concerns. This information will be analysed before we meet to allow more time for you, in your consultation.

The initial consultation lasts an hour and a quarter and involves further discussion of your medical history, symptoms and specific aims. This information is used to devise your personalised nutrition programme in-line with your lifestyle, tastes, budget etc. This includes meal plans, delicious, healthy recipes, recommended foods and shopping lists and lots of practical advice on how to incorporate the changes into your daily life. Exercise and stress management advice may also be given if necessary.

The main focus is always on food, but sometimes the therapeutic use of supplements is recommended if appropriate.

Ongoing support is provided by email or telephone between consultations and is included in the cost of your consultation. Follow-up consultations typically last 45 minutes and are usually 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation, if required.

Consultations are currently all on-line.