Weight Loss

I am a weight loss specialist.

I worked as a Shape-Up facilitator, running courses for overweight adults on behalf of the NHS. During this time I gained a great deal of experience in helping people to achieve amazing weight loss.

“My role as a Shape-Up facilitator was an invaluable experience. It taught me what works, what doesn’t work, what people struggle with, what people enjoy and what kind of psychological support people need when losing weight. It was privilege to be part of the process of people not only losing weight, but changing their lives”

I now specialise in helping people to achieve a healthy weight without the need for fad diets, calorie counting or deprivation.

I will teach you a balanced and natural approach to eating that you can maintain for life in order to reach a healthy and happy weight for you, whilst still enjoying delicious food!
 It is so important to enjoy what you are eating, and to be able to eat out and live a normal life. I believe this is the only way to ensure you can stick to a new, healthier way of eating for life.

Anything overly restrictive – either psychologically (making you feel deprived) or physiologically (depriving your body of the range of nutrients it needs) is unsustainable in the long-term.

Your personalised nutrition programme will enable you to lose weight and keep it off long-term. Regular meetings and ongoing support in between consultations will help you reach your goal.

Weight-Loss Packages:

4-week, 8-week & 12-week healthy weight loss
  • Post-baby weight loss – get back in shape the healthy way
  • Pre-wedding/special occasion – faster results
  • Weight/muscle gain programmes

Please get in touch to discuss the full range of packages on offer and give up yo-yo dieting forever!

Past Clients Testimonials

“I am thrilled with the results, I feel I am in control of my weight and eating without being the least bit neurotic”. Julie, London.

“Ten years after uni, I can still wear all my old clothes! I am a thoroughly satisfied and grateful client”. Shona Laing, London

“She is brilliant at giving advice and suggestions on how to do things a little bit differently – but together it all added up to achieving serious weight loss, and I noticed the difference within the first week”. Sarah, London

“I consulted Daisy for help with training for boxing. I am really enjoying feeling healthy and I’m feeling lots stronger as well as punching a lot harder now so thank you”. Glen Dowdall, Surrey.

“I had dramatically lost weight and wanted to put it back on without resorting to unhealthy food. Daisy designed a programme which took into account my exercise habits, lifestyle and food preferences. After following her advice for 5 months, I have gained my weight back and have also built muscles”. Umberto Tramontano, London