Author: Daisy Whitbread

Maple & Cinnamon Granola

Maple & Cinnamon Granola This granola is super easy to make and much tastier and healthier that shop-bought granola, which is often high in refined sugar. It can be kept in an airtight container and stored for a couple of weeks. I like to serve it with berries, almond milk and coconut […]


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

These chocolate dipped strawberries make an indulgent, yet healthy sweet treat or after dinner petit four and are great for kids too. They also make an amazing homemade gift if you put them in a pretty box. Makes 10-12 strawberries    


Top 10 Weight-Loss Superfoods

The only certain method for losing weight is to take in less energy than you burn. There are also methods like cryo toning that you could go for. The following foods may help a little though and are healthy additions to any diet. 1. Eggs – very filling and help […]


The Beauty of Food

Did you know that your diet can affect how beautiful you are? What we eat affects many aspects of our appearance from weight to skin condition, hair, nails and the rate at which we age. In fact what you put inside your body has way more of a long-term and lasting […]


Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes Pancakes are often thought of as unhealthy, but they can be a super healthy and balanced breakfast if you simply use the right ingredients. These pancakes are made from a mixture of oat and spelt flours – spelt is an ancient variety of wheat with a superior nutritional profile to […]


Homemade Tomato & Basil Sauce

Makes 3-4 servings Skin the large tomatoes by plunging into boiling water for a minute and then slipping off the skins. Roughly chop. Add the oil and garlic to a pan, fry gently being careful not to burn the garlic as this will make it taste bitter. Add the chopped […]