Top 10 Weight-Loss Superfoods

The only certain method for losing weight is to take in less energy than you burn. There are also methods like cryo toning that you could go for. The following foods may help a little though and are healthy additions to any diet.

1. Eggs – very filling and help you eat less! 

One study found that dieters who ate eggs every day, lost twice as much weight, another found that eating 2 for breakfast results in eating 400 calories less over the rest of the day.

Eat 2 poached or boiled eggs for breakfast with a slice of rye toast

2. Almonds – provide healthy fats which help you feel full

People who include nuts in their diet consume fewer calories throughout the day. Almond eaters have been shown to lose 50% more fat from their waists compared with non-almond eating dieters.

Have a palm-full as a snack between meals

3. Oats – provide soluble fibre which helps reduce cholesterol and keeps us feeling fuller for longer

Make a bowl of porridge and top with grated apple, chopped almonds or walnuts and a large pinch of cinnamon, which helps balance blood sugar.

4. Green Tea – an especially rich source of antioxidants, increases metabolism and fat loss

Drink 3-5 cups throughout the day, for maximum results. Add a squeeze of lemon if preferred.

5. Chillies – raise your metabolic rate for up to 2 hours after eating

Add to curries, stir-fries, pasta sauces and fish dishes.

6. Apples – low GI and a particularly good source of pectin, a type of soluble fibre, which may aid weight control.

US researchers have found that a compound in apple skin called ursolic acid boosts metabolism and regulates blood sugar levels.

A healthy, portable snack. Combine with a few protein-rich nuts for a balanced snack.

7. Natural live yoghurt – low in fat and high in ‘good’ bacteria and calcium. 

Imbalances in gut bacteria are linked with obesity and research shows that good bacteria may help shift tummy fat and improve blood sugar control. People on high calcium diets have been shown to lose more fat than those on a low calcium diet.

Have natural yoghurt as a healthy desert, topped with mixed berries.

8. Beans – provide soluble fibre for reducing cholesterol, balancing blood sugar and keeping you feeling full. 

Have no added sugar beans on rye toast for a healthy fast supper.

9. Asparagus – a diuretic food, which means it promotes the elimination of excess fluid from the body

Steam asparagus for 4-5 minutes as a starter or side dish

10. Soup – increases feeling of fullness by delaying gastric emptying (time taken for the stomach to empty)

Eat a bowl of vegetable soup as a starter and eat less during your meal

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